The Division of Equity and Inclusion is responsible for integrating equity and inclusion in every aspect of the educational, residential, and professional life of the College. The Dean and offices in this division work collaboratively with colleagues across campus to promote a culture of inclusion; implement policies in support of full participation; develop and coordinate programs that address equity and inclusion; and foster conversations to enhance open dialogue and discussion.

Vision: We envision Connecticut College as a diverse, equitable, inclusive and socially just community.

Mission: The Division of Equity and Inclusion leads in educating and supporting Connecticut College partners on how to embed cultural competency into policies, practices and campus-wide services. We advocate for social justice in our community and beyond, with courage, compassion, integrity and excellence.

Equity and Inclusion Action Plan

In the spirit of the principle of full participation, the Connecticut College Equity and Inclusion Action Plan offers an institutional strategy for advancing priorities that create and sustain an environment where all members of the community can flourish and contribute to the flourishing of others. This plan overview summarizes the highest level of strategic priorities and goals. Specific action items under each goal are provided later in this document. Finally, an implementation plan listed at the end of the document offers a timeline for accomplishing this important work over the next seven years.

This plan reflects our commitment to shared governance and includes ideas and suggestions from students, staff, faculty, alumni, and trustees. We will utilize normal processes for implementing policy changes and new initiatives, working closely with faculty leadership (e.g. faculty committees, department chairs, center directors), Student Government Association (SGA), Staff Council, and the senior administration. For example, we recognize that any initiatives relating to the curriculum will need to be carefully discussed and voted on by the faculty as a whole; similarly, any major policy changes affecting students and staff are always discussed with SGA and Staff Council, respectively.

Review our progress on the goals in the Equity and Inclusion Action Plan.