What's it like?

Welcome to living on campus! A residential campus provides the opportunity for students to continually refine and apply their learning outside of the classroom. We believe the residence halls are the largest learning labs you will find on campus. Through engaging in the opportunities available at Connecticut College students can expect to gain valuable life skills in preparation for life beyond college. The work of the Residential office is driven by our mission, guiding principles and student learning outcomes. 



The mission of the Residential Life Office is to foster responsible citizenship by cultivating safe, inclusive communities that advance learning in and outside of the classroom.


Celebration Statement

The residential community at Connecticut College is a space where we affirm and value the uniqueness and dignity we each hold, no matter our race, socioeconomic status, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, ability, nationality, or age. This commitment goes beyond tolerance and transforms into action.  

We will create communities where open dialogue around identity development, social justice, and equity and inclusion are normalized in order to support community members in their examination of their biases and privileges. We will work towards naming, confronting, and dismantling institutionalized systems of oppression based on identity. We will create communities free from harassment, where differences are seen as opportunities for exploration, and where individual opinions are supported and respected. When these opinions hurt or challenge another’s inherent humanity, worth or dignity we will act with courage, compassion, and integrity to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each member of our community.

Change is a community effort. Please join us in creating the community we envision.


Guiding Principles 

The Residential Life office supports the mission and values of Connecticut College through the following…

  • Challenge and support students in the navigation of community living and development of life skills
  • Employ a representative group of students and hone their leadership skills in order to support the mission of the Residential Life office
  • Create and execute housing processes which meet the needs of our engaged and diverse student body
  • Report and respond to students in need through our daily practices and on-call crisis intervention system
  • Collaborate with faculty and other offices to develop programs to support a curriculum outside of the classroom which enhances each student's sense of belonging and engagement.  
  • Uphold the Honor Code by empowering students to hold one another accountable


Connecticut College CORE Learning Outcomes

  • Challenge
    • Students will embrace learning opportunities and challenges that support their growth.
  • Ownership
    • Students will apply personal and institutional values to make informed decisions, own their choices, and acknowledge their impact on others.
  • Reflection
    • Students will engage in self-reflection as well as reflection about the larger society as they strive to build lives and communities of meaning, balance, and purpose.
  • Engagement
    • Students will develop intercultural, interpersonal, and professional skills through experiences on and off campus.