So much more than a place to sleep

At Conn, challenging discussions with faculty and peers don’t end when you leave the classroom. In your residence house, you'll have philosophical conversations with professors about everything from the perception of Americans abroad to the politics of hair. You’ll watch and critique movies like Disney’s Frozen and Golden Gate Girls with friends. Have class in your common room? Grab a seat on the couch and kick up your feet.

Faculty in the house

You’ll get used to seeing your professors in your residence house common room. A group of faculty members, called Residential Education Fellows, will work closely with you and your peers to present informal talks, plan educational programs and host study breaks. Each of the 11 fellows—often called REFs—is connected with a specific residence house. 

Any given day, you can head to a newly renovated common room and join a student-faculty conversation about the artistic process or a heated debate about the refugee crisis in Europe. Sometimes REF programs will take you out of the house and into the surrounding neighborhoods. You may find yourself making cupcakes at a bakery in New London or learning to curl at an ice rink in Bridgeport.

Some recent offerings include:

  • #NoDAPL: Discussing the Dakota Access Pipeline and Indigenous Rights
  • Students vs. Faculty Jeopardy
  • Knitting the Stress Away
  • The Psychology of Super Bowl Ads
  • "Botany of Desire" weekly discussion series: tulips, marijuana, potatoes, apples

Class in your common room

There's nothing like rolling out of bed, heading down a flight of stairs and getting to class in 30 seconds. Our first-year seminars are small, discussion-based and writing-intensive courses, and many of them take place in the residence houses. That means your roommates and housemates might also be your classmates. It’s a great way to get to know the people you live with, as well as your professor—on your turf.