About Morrisson House

Morrisson House is part of the North Complex ("the plex") and is connected to Lambdin, Hamilton, Johnson, Park and Wright, as well as Harris Refectory. After undergoing an extensive renovation in 2018, Morrisson is now exclusively for first year students. Students of all genders live here, however the second floor is an all male floor and the fifth floor is an all female floor which is available as an alternative housing option. 

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Capacity: 106
Common rooms

Meet the staff

Caitlyn Kay, area coordinator, REAL office

Caitlin Kay

Assistant Director - North Campus: Hamilton, Johnson, Lambdin, Morrisson, Park, Wright, Katharine Blunt, Larrabee, Smith/Burdick, Branford Houses

Caitlin Kay obtained her bachelor's degree in history with a focus in LGBT history in 2012 at Rhode Island College, where she was a resident assistant. In 2014 she earned her master's degree in higher education from Walden University and worked at the New Hampshire Institute of Art as a resident director. She currently attends Walden University working towards her Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership. In her time off, she loves to play with her cat Toulouse as well as making cosplay and work on jigsaw puzzles!