We want you to read Interior Chinatown and tell us your reactions. In what ways did you connect with her story? How did the book contribute to your understanding of Asian-American history, as well as the Anti-Asian biases that are prevalent in contemporary society today? What general ideas did the novel raise for you about the role of media in fostering cultural stereotypes? What other questions did the book raise for you?

Take a moment to write up your thoughts in a brief letter to your advising team. This can be a way of introducing yourself, giving us a sense of who you are and how you think. Later this summer, we will send you the names and contact information of the faculty, staff, and student members of your advising team, so you can email them directly. During the fall, you will be able to discuss Interior Chinatown with your advising team, with each other, and with Charles Yu himself when he visits our community.