David K. Lewis

David K. Lewis

Margaret W. Kelly Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus
Interim President 2001
Provost and Dean of the Faculty 1997-2000

Joined Connecticut College: 1995-2013

A.B., Amherst College; Ph.D., Cornell University; Doctor of Science, honoris causa, Amherst College


Physical chemistry

Gas phase reaction kinetics

Rates and mechanisms of prototype chemical reactions

Ultra-high resolution molecular spectroscopy, using tunable diode infrared lasers

Atmospheric chemistry and physics

David Lewis retired from active teaching at Connecticut College in 2013.

He continues to have a research affiliation with the College. He maintains a personal website featuring his ongoing research activities, volunteer interests and recent teaching at www.davidlewischemistry.net.

Lewis was named the Margaret W. Kelly Professor of Chemistry in 1996. He directed 40 consecutive summer research programs with undergraduates in his field, both at Connecticut College and at Colgate University, where he taught for 26 years.

He taught courses in physical chemistry, instrumental methods, analytical chemistry, general chemistry, atmospheric chemistry and physics, and modeling contemporary chemical problems. He also taught first-year tutorials and courses on environmental issues.

Professor Lewis was named the 2012 winner of the American Chemical Society's Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution. The annual award honors a chemistry faculty member whose research in an undergraduate setting has achieved wide recognition and contributed significantly to chemistry and to the professional development of undergraduate students. Lewis was also awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree from his alma mater Amherst College in recognition of his extensive research and mentoring of student research assistants.

David K. Lewis served as Interim President of Connecticut College in 2001. He served on the Advisory Committee of the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy from 2002 to 2012.

Professor Lewis was appointed Provost and Dean of the Faculty in 1997 after joining Connecticut College in 1995. As provost, Lewis had a keen interest in creating opportunities for joint faculty-student research. His research interests include studies of fast chemical reaction rates and mechanisms in shock tubes, computer modeling of prototype chemical reactions, ultrahigh resolution laser spectroscopy, and atmospheric chemistry and physics.

Lewis has had more than 40 articles published, most with undergraduate co-authors, in such publications as the Journal of Physical Chemistry, and the Journal of the American Chemical Society. He is also a reviewer for chemistry journals including the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, American Journal of Physiology and the Journal of Chemical Education. He also reviews proposals submitted to granting agencies such as the National Science Foundation, Petroleum Research Fund and Research Corporation. Lewis is a member of the American Chemical Society, Council on Undergraduate Research and Sigma Xi.

"We must continue to look forward, to maintain the spirit of creativity that has made Connecticut College great. Only by doing so will we keep Connecticut College a place where students, faculty and staff will want to spend their time, a college that benefactors will want to support. In education, if you are not moving ahead, you are falling behind. Setting priorities and then pursuing them vigorously will be the key." - David Lewis

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