Salma Siddique

Salma Siddique

Visiting Associate Professor of Psychoanalytic Anthropology in Human Development

Joined Connecticut College: 2022

PG Cert., Goldsmith’s College University of London, England
MA (Hons)., PhD, PG Cert., University of St Andrew, Scotland
M.Sc Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland
M.Sc Edinburgh Queen Margaret, Scotland. M.Sc Middlesex University London England


(Auto) Ethnography

Displacement, Loss, Absence, and the search for meaning

Intertextuality and Intermingling

Undocumented-Untitled and (In)difference

Ambivalence, Ambiguity and Paradox

infant, child, adolescent & family work

Transracial Adoption

Relational Ethics

Visiting Associate Professor Salma Siddique immerses herself in the intricate interplay of psychology, psychoanalysis, existential philosophy, and anthropology. Focusing on the journey from childhood to adolescence, my work explores how invisible societal structures, akin to class, caste systems, impact individuals and families within varied socio-economic contexts. Delving into the intricacies of how inherited social status, enforced norms, and systemic barriers influence developmental pathways, shaping young lives and family dynamics. The teaching and research goal is to identify strategies for nurturing resilience and equity, fostering environments where every child can flourish free from the shadows of preordained hierarchies. 

Editorial Board Member for European Journal for Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy.

International Advisory Board Member for Murmurations: A International Journal for relationally attuned and systemic social constructionist practitioners and practitioner-researchers with a commitment to social responsibility in community, leadership, therapy, education, organisations, health and social care.

Selected Publications

Moutsou, C., & Siddique, S. (2024). Lying and truth-telling on the couch: The sense of touch in the consulting room. In C. Moutsou (Ed.), Dialogues between Psychoanalysis and Architecture: The relational space of the consulting room through the senses (Chapter 3). Routledge Publications.

Siddique, S. (2024). Observing and Consulting in the Digital Aquarium. In C. Moutsou (Ed.), Dialogues between Psychoanalysis and Architecture: The relational space of the consulting room through the senses (Chapter 10). Routledge Publications.

Siddique, S (2024) A Psychoanalytic Anthropological Exploration of Tracing the Singularity of Things and (Re)membering Fieldwork Nuances - (preparing for publication).

Siddique, S.,& V.R.Dominguez (2021). Anthropology in the Consulting Room: An Interview with Salma Siddique by Virginia R. Dominguez. American Anthropologist, 123 (1), 179-183, 2021.

Siddique, S., (2017). Ellipses: Cultural reflexivity in transactional analysis supervision. Transactional
Analysis Journal, 47 (2), pp.152-166.

Siddique, S., (2015). Bhaji on the Beach: Teaching Relational Ethics in India. Man in India: an international journal of anthropology.

Siddique, S.,(2012). Storymaking: In-between anthropological enquiry and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling, 14 (3), 249-259.

Siddique, S., (2011). Being in-between: The relevance of ethnography and auto-ethnography for psychotherapy research. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 11 (4), 310-316.

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