Meeting/Event Planning Process 

  • Meeting/Event planner gets approval from the department head/chair/supervisor. 
  • Meeting/Event planner will submit Covid Event Planning Checklist and submit meeting/event request to the Events Office
  • The Events Office will review and approve or deny requests.
  • The Events Office will book a space once the event is approved.
  • The Events Office will place event on campus calendar (event planner must provide event description)

Campus In-Person Event/Meeting COVID-19 Expectations 

  1. In-person meetings/events are reserved and approved through the events office. 
  2. Meeting/events with less than 25 people do not require staff/faculty supervision. 
  3. Meetings/events with expected attendance of more than 25 people will need staff/faculty supervision to ensure COVID-19 expectations are followed.
  4. Social distancing and masks required for all meetings/events. 
  5. All campus meetings/events must be approved by the Events Office.
  6. No payment/contracts for events can be signed until the event is approved by the Events Office. 
  7. The Event planner is responsible for leaving the room as you found it, including sanitizing all surfaces and ensuring that furniture has not been moved.
  8. Food at meetings/events must be approved by the Events Office to ensure COVID-19 safety expectations are met.
  9. Room capacities have been determined for all reservable spaces by the college to ensure proper social distancing.
  10. Outdoor attendance capacities will be determined on an event-by-event basis based on type of event, location, event management plan, and current state guidelines.