Gifts to the Connecticut College Fund support every part of the Connecticut College experience and provides roughly 7.5% of the College's annual budget. Tuition has never paid the full cost of a Connecticut College education. Every student since the early days of the College has benefited from the generosity of others. Each year, gifts from alumni, parents and families, and the Conn Community form the foundation of the College's financial support and show that you care about the College and want it to thrive.

Why give to the Connecticut College Fund? The simple answer is that you value what Connecticut College does and you want to it to thrive.

Thousands of members of the College community feel that way. When all of that support is combined, they make an enormous difference in the lives of our students. Last year, some 7,000 alumni, parents and friends made gifts to the Connecticut College Fund totaling over $6 million. 

Your support provides a college experience that transforms lives. Students are prepared for a world of unpredictable challenges and opportunities.

Outstanding professors are mentors, not just teachers. Learning happens not just in the classroom, but also across campus, in the local community, and across the world through internships and volunteer work. Passions grow on the athletic fields and in performance halls. The unparalleled sense of community nurtures friendships that last a lifetime. 

These gifts support scholarships that allow us to enroll outstanding students, and a nationally recognized career-development program that gives students real-world experiences.

They fund field research by students and faculty, provide athletic equipment and facilities, bring speakers and artists to Conn, and keep our campus beautiful.


Every dollar raised through the Connecticut College Fund directly benefits current students, supporting virtually every aspect of the Connecticut College experience. Looking at it another way: what would we lose without the Connecticut College Fund?

These are the Connecticut College Fund dollars at work:

Financial Aid

  • In 2022-23, we awarded more than $49 million in financial aid
  • 47 percent of enrolled students receive need based financial aid
  • The average financial aid award is $50,695

Internship/Career Development

  • 333 members of the Class of 2023 participated in the internship program (that's 80% of the class!)
  • The College has funded internships in over 23 states and 31 countries
  • Over the course of 18 years, the College has awarded approximately 4,000 internships
  • 89% of the Class of 2023 engaged with the Hale Center for Career Development at some point during their time at Conn

See what our students have been up to!

Academic Programs

  • Lab equipment for science departments
  • Faculty Seminars
  • Award willing curriculum
  • Student-faculty research
  • Recruit and retain world-class faculty

Student Life

  • Supports more than 80 student-led clubs and organizations
  • Guest speakers and lectures on campus
  • Renovations to facilities
  •  Class trips
  • Student teaching


  • Unrestricted gifts allow us to e flexible in addressing the College's most pressing needs on an annual basis

To learn more about the commitment of our College community and the impact it has made — view the Annual Report 2022.

Questions? Contact the Annual Gving Staff

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