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Working at The College Voice helped me grow personally at Connecticut College, and the experience left a lasting impression. The staff worked closely together to tackle ambitious goals, including launching an independent website and developing strong relationships with the administration, student government and the greater New London community. With hard work, determination and way too many late nights — along with a typo here and there — I learned that you get out of something what you put into it, whether it be in a college setting or a career. That knowledge continues to be an incredibly valuable asset in my life.

— Claire Gould ’10, senior communications associate, Catholics for Choice

One of my fondest memories was the semester I spent abroad at the University of Cambridge in England. It was a life-changing experience made possible by the outstanding international opportunities the College offers. It was an academically rigorous program, but the skills I had learned at Connecticut College prepared me for every challenge I faced.

— Will Goldstein ’10, Risk Associate, Guggenheim Fund Solutions

One of the most rewarding parts of my Connecticut College experience was participating in the Museum Studies certificate program. As an art history major, it was an outstanding way to get real-life experience in the field. The program is a unique combination of a museum internship, dynamic courses taught by museum professionals and art history professors, and challenging assignments that encouraged me to explore local museums. This experience inspired me to pursue a master’s degree in art history and now I have my dream job — working in a museum in New York City.

— Grace Astrove '10, Publications Assistant, The Jewish Museum of New York

The friendships I made while at Connecticut College provided me with memories that have withstood the test of time. Many years have passed, and I still remain close with my college friends. The environment at the College fosters community, encourages connections and teaches you more than you could ever learn in the classroom. The experiences we had as the “Conn Gang” — as we affectionately refer to ourselves — were transformational and shaped us into the people we have become. We still get together every year to reconnect and make new memories.

— Amy Mazur '82, self-employed career counselor

I treasure my years at Connecticut College  and the relationships I have kept with classmates, faculty and staff. My college years helped shape my values and my career path. My belief in the College’s mission remains strong, and I stay connected to the campus community as a class agent, a Reunion volunteer, and a mentor and networking resource for current students. I know by volunteering, I’m providing students the kinds of opportunities I had to learn and grow, and that’s a great feeling.

— Natalie Hildt Treat ’97, Senior Manager for Public Policy Outreach, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

I came to Connecticut College as a computer science major, wanting to be a software engineer. When I got there, though, I realized that I was more into art. One of the great things about a liberal arts education is that you can change your major, taking your education into your owns hands and going after something you want to do. I was able to fuse my two passions into a job as a web developer in marketing, creating digital brands, marketing campaigns and websites for an incredible group of local and international clients. Every day, my work takes me down a new, exciting path.

— Alexander Zane '09, executive manager, L7 Creative

Connecticut College gave me an excellent education and the ability to never stop learning. It’s an exceptional college with a great faculty and a wonderful atmosphere for academic achievement.

— Judith Ammerman ’60, Trustee Emeritus

I attribute much of my success to my four years at Connecticut College, and I am privileged to give back to a place that has meant so much to my life. I met my wife while at Connecticut College. To a large degree, the successes Allison and I have had in life can be attributed to the education and life-long friendships we forged in New London so long ago. Now we are thrilled to be able to pass that same opportunity along to our son John, who began as a freshman just this year.

— Tom Sargent ’82, Principal, Bostonia Global Securities LLC

One of the things I love about Connecticut College is that students have a voice. You can make the experience what you want it to be. As a part of SGA, I always felt involved and that I could make a difference, and the skills I learned are ones that I now use in the real world. I got so much more than I expected out of my Connecticut College experience, and being a part of the College community has continued to benefit me — soon after graduation, a fellow alumni helped me secure a position at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C.

— Leidy Valencia ’09, student at Northwestern University School of Law

One of the most valuable lessons that Connecticut College teaches is summed up in the adage, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” For me, that was a central part of my education, and that positive outlook was one of the greatest gifts that Connecticut College instilled in me.

— Michael Marshall ’11, web developer, Waterline Systems LLC

I majored in theater at Connecticut College, and Professor David Jaffe continues to be a tremendous inspiration for me as an artist, teacher, parent and person. Connecticut College nurtures the whole person, which has been the greatest gift. Becoming well-versed not only in theater but also in a variety of subjects has been fantastic training.

— Kimberly Senior ’95, freelance theater director