Information Services supports an array of software and hardware tools for teaching.


Moodle is the Learning Management System at Connecticut College. Faculty can use Moodle to deliver course materials including text, audio and video, collect assignments, conduct discussions, post grades, communicate with students or do any number of course-related activities online.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based application for file storage and sharing, as well as document creation, that can be used for collaborative projects.


Digication is a digital portfolio platform. Digital portfolios are purposeful collections of student work, created and organized by students to tell their stories of academic development and achievement. With Digication, students may create multiple portfolios and integrate a wide variety of media.

Domain of One's Own

The Digital Connecticut College service provides web hosting for many common web applications including WordPress, Omeka, and Scalar. Students, faculty and staff can build and manage their own domains in order to host websites for coursework or research projects. When students graduate, domains can be transferred to other hosting providers or maintained with a small yearly fee.


Zoom is a video conferencing platform that supports features such as breakout rooms and in-session polling. Zoom is available through or CamelWeb (on the "My Students" page for Faculty). Read these instructions to enable your college sponsored Zoom Pro account. 


Several classrooms on campus are equipped with SMARTboards or other electronic whiteboards. SMARTboards are interactive, touch-sensitive projection systems that can be used for hands-on classroom activities.

Classroom Response Systems (Clickers)

Classroom Response Systems can be used to engage students and collect instant feedback in the classroom. Information Services supports the integration of the iClicker system with Moodle. Cloud-based software for use with students' own computers or mobile devices is also available.