All calls or tickets submitted to the IT Service Desk are assigned a priority. This priority determines how quickly you can expect a technician to resolve/address your request. Please provide as much information as possible to the IT Service Desk so we can assign the appropriate priority to your ticket. If you disagree with the priority assigned, after reviewing this matrix, please ask to speak to the IT Service Desk Manager.

The target time frames for each of our priorities is defined in the priority matrix.


Urgency (status) Impact (scale of affected users)
  Campus Wide Building Department Individual
Mission critical service unavailable 1 1 1 2
Unable to normally complete work 1 2 2 2
Unable to normally complete work (work around is available) 2 2 3 3
Interferes with normal completion of work 2 3 3 3
Would assist with the completion of work 4 4 4 4


Priority Level Description Target Resolution
1 Critical 4 hours
2 High/Urgent 8 hours
3 Medium 24 hour
4 Low As time allows