Note: As of July 5, 2011 alumni need to use their email address wherever they need to enter their email account name, not their email address.

There are two methods to set up an iPhone

1. Two-server method

2. Exchange Server Method (below)

The screen shots used below are from an iPhone and will match what you see on an iPod Touch. They will be similar to, but not exactly, what you will see on an iPad.

If you get an incorrect password error and you have verified that the password that you are using works when you log in to your email via then use the Change Your Password page to reset your password and wait at least 20 minutes. Then enter the new password into your email account settings on your device and that should work.

1. Select Settings

2. Select Mail, Contacts, and Calendars

3. Select "Add Account"

4. Select "Microsoft Exchange"

5. Fill in everything except Domain and click "Next" (make sure to include on your user name)

6. You will get an error "Unable to Verify Certificate". Click "Accept"

7. A "Server" field will appear in your Exhcange settings window.

8. Fill in the Server filed using "" and click "Next"

9. If everything goes correct you will see "Exchange account verified" briefly at the top of the screen. It will then move to the next step.

10. Chose which items you want to synchronize between Google and your device (Mail, Contacts, Calendars). All "On" is the default and is usually what most people choose. Click "Done" or "Save".

11. You will be returned to the main Settings window and you will see your account listed there.