Computer Replacement Procedure - July 2020

This document provides details about how and when your College computer will be replaced.  Although the College is no longer leasing computers, we will continue to follow a fair and organized replacement schedule with up-to-date technology for all faculty and staff. The Computer Replacement process is outlined in detail below. We understand that some faculty and staff have particular computer needs and we welcome individual consultations as well as questions.  


  • For clarity and transparency, Information Services (IS) maintains an inventory of computer hardware (Technology Asset Inventory) along with replacement schedules in the Web HelpDesk system.  To view the computer hardware assigned to you, start a new WHD ticket, your assets appear below under "My Assets".  The Web HelpDesk ticketing system enables tracking all the relevant information regarding the computer in one central place.
  • When a computer is due for replacement, the IT Asset Manager, Newell Seal, opens a Web HelpDesk (WHD) ticket in the faculty or staff member’s name, identifying the computer that is due for replacement and a list of available replacement options.  The standard replacement options are funded through the centralized technology equipment fund and provide a fair and equitable distribution of limited resources.    
  • You will receive the Web HelpDesk (WHD) ticket in the form of an Email.  The Email contains the information you need to begin the replacement process.  Simply click “reply” to the Web HelpDesk Email with your choice of replacement computer and any additional information. The information is entered into the WHD ticket.
  • If a College standard replacement computer option does not meet your requirements you can consult with Newell Seal, IT Asset Manager, to discuss your specific needs.  Any expense beyond the standard replacement computer will need to be covered by you or your department. Newell will obtain a vendor quote for your request.  If you want to purchase the non-standard computer you must include the payment account information in the Web HelpDesk ticket prior to the order being placed.  
  • We are aware that some faculty and staff have discipline- and job-related specific needs.  Therefore the WHD ticket includes a question asking about any special requirements that may be needed, for example, laptop dock, extra monitor, DVD player, etc. The cost of any requested additional items beyond the standard replacement is paid by you or your department.  You will receive a quote for the additional items. If you want to proceed with the purchase, you must include the payment account information in the Web HelpDesk ticket prior to the order being placed.  
  • When the new equipment is received, the Web HelpDesk ticket is assigned to a Computer Support technician.  The technician will contact you to schedule the replacement of your machine. 
  • The technician will work with you to transfer your information from the old computer to your new computer as well as installing the College licensed software.  This process can take several hours to complete.  You must bring all of the computer accessories (e.g., power cord)  to the technician when you are returning your old computer. 
  • You must sign the College Owned Computer Use Service Level Agreement when you take possession of the new computer. The agreement outlines your responsibilities in the care, protection, and security of the computer.  This agreement was developed in consultation with the faculty and staff of the IS Committee, Information Security team, and senior administrators to ensure data security, and a fair and equitable process for funding computer damages. You or your department are responsible for damage, loss, and excessive wear and tear of the computer and accessories.  
  • To prevent damages you are advised to use a padded protective carrying case for your laptop and avoid having liquids nearby.  If you carry and use your laptop frequently, we recommend purchasing a hard “laptop shell”  or “computer skin” for added protection against drops and grime.  
  • You are advised to clean the computer keyboard and screen frequently in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations for specific cleaning requirements. 
  • General cleaning tips 
  • Use a lint-free cloth, such as a screen wipe or a cloth made from microfiber. 
  • Avoid excessive wiping and submerging items in the cleanser to avoid damage.
  • Unplug all external power sources and cables. 
  • Do NOT use aerosol sprays, ammonia, bleach or abrasive cleaners. Do NOT use Windex. 
  • Ensure moisture does not get into any openings to avoid damage. 
  • Never spray cleaner directly on an item or screen

Information Services is committed to helping you achieve your educational and scholarship goals through the provision of a secure, responsive, and dependable system of technology services and support.  Suggestions for how to improve are always welcome.