October 30, 2019

Computer Technology Purchases

Computer technology currently in place at the College is replaced on a regular cycle depending on the item and its expected product life cycle, e.g., laptops and desktop computers: 4 years.  These items are replaced using Technology Funds jointly managed by the Finance Office and Information Services.  Technology items purchased via other means, e.g., departmental funds, grants, etc., may be sunset when they can no longer safely connect to the College network.

A. When filling current vacant faculty or staff positions in the college

Typically, budgeted College funds are already available for computing resources from the previous position holder. However, should the new hire require upgraded hardware, specialized software (including ongoing license fees) or peripherals, those costs must be covered by the department or another source.

B. For new positions in the college

Departments will be required to cover the costs for new computing resources for any new employees (new positions). Typically, this will include the purchase cost of a new PC or Mac and standard application software. However, the cost for specialized software (including ongoing license fees), specialized hardware and/or peripherals may need to be covered by the originating department. These costs should be added to any request for a new position unless the department plans to cover the cost from current funds. Originating departments should consult with IS to determine the level of technical support available.

C. For computer technology funded via grants

The acquisition of any new computing resources (hardware, software, and peripherals) through grants or other outside funds should be coordinated with IS. These resources e.g., PCs, Macs, laser printers, other peripherals, and software, will be purchased or licensed through the Finance Office, with IS coordination. IS will work with the originating department to determine the most cost-effective way to purchase or license these items and to estimate the ongoing cost to the department when equipment that must be replaced or software relicensed.  The College will not assume responsibility for ongoing maintenance and lease of computer technology without this cooperation.

D. For computing technology funded through operating funds

A request to add significant new computing resources (computers, software, peripherals, projection system, etc.) to labs or offices must be coordinated with IS. In addition to the cost of hardware, software, and peripherals, ongoing software license fees need to be included in the budget. These resources will be purchased or licensed through the Finance Office. Lower cost items, (keyboards, mice, adaptors, etc.) should be purchased via departmental supply funds. Maintaining software currency should also be coordinated with IS. IS will not assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of computer technology without this cooperation.