Data Stewardship Committee (DSC) Charter

May 14, 2019

The Data Stewardship Committee (DSC) is a planning, procedures, and oversight committee composed of individuals who have have been delegated data stewardship responsibilities at the College. Considering the mission and obligations of the College, and the needs of all administrative, academic and research users, the Committee discusses, proposes, advocates and reviews policies and standards surrounding the classification, access and use of data. The Committee will collaborate to protect, secure, and maintain classified data. DSC is under the direction of the iConn Steering Committee and will initially be chaired by the Director of Network, Servers and Security.  The committee chair will report recommended policies and procedures to the iConn Steering Committee. The committee may also recommend data security tools that could be used to protect, maintain, and preserve the College’s data.

The Data Stewardship Committee will:

  • Develop classification, standards and policies surrounding the access and use of College data.
  • Serve as the focal point for decision-making on policy issues related to data privacy, security, and confidentiality.
  • Stay current on Federal and State statutes, industry standards and regulations that impact critical College data.
  • Establish standards and methods for preservation and data retention.
  • Provide immediate assistance with any information security incidents.
  • Collaborate with College risk management in consideration of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC).


Provide to the iConn Steering Committee:

  • Quarterly, or as needed, a progress report and recommended work plan that incorporates proposed projects and priorities.
  • Provide policies and revisions for review and approval.


Committee Membership:

Each Committee member should be authorized to make decisions representing their business area and should possess an intimate understanding of the area’s data requirements. Members are expected to work together with the best interest of the College.  The College Archivist will be an ongoing member of the Committee. 


Role Definitions


Data Owner - A Data Owner at Connecticut College is an employee who has decision making and operational responsibility to manage and secure a shared data repository. Data Owners are broadly responsible for managing electronic access to shared data repositories, which are collections of College information to which multiple individuals or entities have access. Data Owners approve access to data used by end users in their business domain. The Data Owners delegate maintenance responsibilities of this data to the Data Custodians.

Data Custodian - The person who is responsible for implementing controls and access for an information data repository; data maintenance as defined by the Data Owner, and policies created by the Data Stewardship Committee. These activities can include performing and testing backups, validating data integrity, deploying security solutions, and managing data storage based on classification.


Committee membership listing