How to change your password

Click here to change your password

The password cannot contain all or part of your user account name and it must be at least twelve characters in length. The password also may not contain any part of your camel user name.

Below are some examples of passwords that would meet the required length:
Born to run!

Do not use the example passwords above.

Passwords will need to be changed once per year. Please personalize your password as much as possible. Choose a password that is easy enough to remember that you do not have to write it down. The three previous passwords cannot be used.

If you are unable to log in to your email account after changing your password, contact the IT Service Desk at 860.439.4357(help). You can also stop by the Service Desk on the lower level of the Shain Library.


I forgot my password

If you can't remember your password, you have the ability to reset it yourself. Click the forgot password link on the login screen, enter your Username and follow the prompts. You'll verify your identity by answering the security questions you've previously set up. After successfully completing that process you'll be able to login with your new password. You won't have to open a WHD ticket and can resolve the issue even if the IT Service Desk is closed.