Using Duo with FortiClient

When using the Fortinet VPN Client (FortiClient) you may be required to use the Duo Multi-Factor Authentication system to connect. By default, FortiClient uses Push notifications through the Duo App installed on your smartphone. After you enter your login and password check your phone for a Duo Push notification. If you do not respond or get the push notification FortiClient will still connect you to the academic network, but this is only for faculty & staff. Student access requires Duo authorization.

If you are not using the app and push notifications you can add a “,” and one of the following designators to the end of your password.

,push - Which is not required as it is the default action. This will send a push notification to your smartphone.

,phone - Will perform a phone callback authentication.

,sms - Will send a new batch of SMS passcodes. Your authentication attempt will be denied, but then you can then authenticate with one of the newly-delivered passcodes.

**You can also specify a number after the factor name if you have more than one device enrolled. So you can enter phone2 or push2 if you have two phones enrolled.

Examples look like:

username: bjjones

password: password,phone  (Duo will call the phone that you have configured in Duo and call that number)

For more information on Duo see the following MFA instructions.