Connecticut College to celebrate 101st Convocation on Sept. 3

Connecticut College will celebrate the opening of the academic year with the institution’s 101st Convocation on Thursday, Sept. 3.

The ceremony will begin at 4:30 p.m., on the Jean C. Tempel ’65 Green, following a procession of faculty, class officers and the 481 students comprising the Class of 2019. President Katherine Bergeron will begin the ceremony with remarks of welcome and inspiration for the students, faculty and staff.

Dean of the College and Faulk Foundation Professor of Psychology Jefferson Singer will deliver the keynote address, “What Makes Conn Different: Minding the Gap and Making Connections.”

Convocation is the official calling together of the College community to mark the opening of the academic year. A joyous and proud tradition held on the first day of classes, the ceremony highlights the College’s continuous striving toward excellence and shared responsibility to uphold the honor of the community.

During the ceremony, all members of the community are invited to renew their commitment to live according to the principles embodied by the College’s Honor Code. This commitment is reinforced at Convocation when all students, faculty, administrators and staff recite together the Honor Code’s Matriculation Pledge.

September 2, 2015