David Dorfman Dance brings two classic works to Conn

Photos by Julie Lemberger
Photos by Julie Lemberger

David Dorfman Dance, one of the country’s most influential contemporary dance companies, has revived two popular works for the onStage at Connecticut College series and will perform them on Friday, Feb 6., at 7:30 p.m. in Palmer Auditorium.

“Lightbulb Theory” and “Impending Joy” both premiered to great acclaim in 2004, but have never been performed on campus despite the company’s nine-year tenure as the College’s company-in-residence.

“The company is so prolific, they’ve always had new works to perform on campus,” said Rob Richter ’82, the director of arts programming. “But I really felt there was great value in reviving some work because one of the most fascinating things to see with an artist is where they've come from.”

“Lightbulb Theory” explores the idea of whether it is better for a lightbulb, or life, to flicker before it goes out or to go out instantly. “Impending Joy,” originally created in reaction to “Lightbulb Theory,” has harder lines and a harsher, more direct feel. The New York Times said “‘Lightbulb Theory,’ set to a haunting piano score by internationally recognized composer Michael Wall, took on nothing less than life and death.” Referring to “Impending Joy,” The Village Voice said “Dorfman's very individual choreography is full of entrancing contrasts, and, lord, what dancing!”

“That’s at the heart of all David Dorfman Dance performances: the dancing,” said Richter. “The choreography is always beautiful, provocative and thought-provoking, but the dancing — so exciting and intense — really grabs you. And I know how passionate the dancers are, so the intensity will no doubt be heightened.”

Tickets for the show are $28, $25 for seniors and $14 for students. For tickets and information, call 860-439-2787 or visit onstage.conncoll.edu.

January 29, 2015