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'I will get up in time for the Parade of Classes'

Nick Rivera '07
Nick Rivera '07

It's your first reunion and you are PSYCHED! It's going to be fab -- two days back on campus with your closest friends.

What can you do to get ready?

We asked Nick Rivera '07, who's celebrating his first reunion this year and is also helping to plan the weekend as a new member of the Advancement staff. Here are his own resolutions for Reunion 2012 on June 1-3:

I resolve to….
10. Get pumped, psyched, and stoked about coming back to campus for Reunion.
9. Reconnect with my friends on Facebook and/or email them.
8. Pledge my gift during March Mania.
7. Bring my iPod because Conn will hook up the speakers.
6. Treat my palate to my favorite New London restaurants again. Go to G's with friends or try out my very own "Taste of New London" with my classmates.
5. Relive the dorm life because I couldn't get enough of it in my four years. Yes, the mattresses are still squeaky and uncomfortable - but it's a dorm!
4. Bring a camera and take lots of pictures to share on Facebook and at reunions in another five, 10, 20 years [gulp!].
3. Get up in time for the Parade of Classes on Saturday morning no matter how late I was up Friday night.
2. Lay back, relax and play games.

And my top resolution:
1. Go to the tent dance Saturday night and bask in the nostalgia.









January 17, 2012