View the autumn sky from the Connecticut College observatory

Autumn is the ideal time to check out the moon, the Andromeda galaxy and more celestial bodies from Connecticut College’s Olin Observatory. All are invited to the annual Fall Star Gazing event on Saturday, Nov. 9, from 7:30-10 p.m.

In addition to star gazing, the event will feature a demonstration of astronomy software, star and constellation identification lessons and hands-on astronomy activities for adults and children. Many of the activities satisfy astronomy badge requirements for Boy Scouts and belt loop requirements for Webelos.

The event will also feature three short talks:
• “Learning About the Phases of the Moon,” an interactive program for the kids on moon phases, by Bruce Levine, a lecturer at the Treworgy Planetarium at Mystic Seaport and member of the Thames Amateur Astronomical Society (TAAS).
• “Meteorites: Their Place in Astronomy and History,” an overview of meteorite types and their relevance for planet formation; meteorite impacts on earth; and a few historical items of interest, by Mike Ostrander, a member of TAAS and the Arunah Hill Natural Science Center. Ostrander’s presentation will include a display of space rocks.
• “Naming the Night Sky,” a look at how humans have given names to the stars and constellations that reflect the mythological, religious, agricultural and scientific lessons and requirements of their times, by Carl Tjerandsen, a TAAS member.

This event is free and open to the public, and will occur regardless of weather (star gazing may be limited in the event of poor weather). The annual Fall Star Gazing is hosted by the Connecticut College Department of Physics, Astronomy and Geophysics; the Thames Amateur Astronomical Society and the Treworgy Planetarium at Mystic Seaport.

November 5, 2013