Featured Experts

Newsmakers are everywhere at Connecticut College. From groundbreaking research to expertise on trending topics, our faculty, staff and students are eager to share their perspectives with members of the press. 

For all local, regional and national media inquiries, including student interview requests, please contact Tiffany Thiele, National Media Relations Manager. Be sure to indicate your deadline and best contact information. 

Tiffany V. Thiele
P: (860) 439-2307
C: (860) 335-0761

Below are some featured faculty experts:


A portrait of Professor Eric Fleury

Eric Fleury

U.S. Foreign Policy; International Relations


Nakia Hamlett headshot

Nakia Hamlett

Child, Adolescent and Youth Mental Health; Complex Trauma; Ethnic Minority and Underserved Populations


A portrait of Rashelle Litchmore

Rashelle Litchmore

Ethnic and Racial Identity; Education, Intersectionality; Social Policy


Monika Lopez-Anuarbe, Assistant Professor of Economics

Monika Lopez-Anuarbe

Health Economics and Health Equity; Economics of Aging and Caregiving; Game Theory


A head and shoulders shot of new professor Mark Stelzner

Mark Stelzner

Inequality and the Political Underpinnings of the Economic System


A head and shoulders shot of new professor Mara Suttmann-Lea

Mara Suttmann-Lea

American Politics; Election Administration and Voting Reforms; Political Campaigns


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