Connections goes national

President Katherine Bergeron recently discussed Connections, the College's new innovative curriculum, with The Chronicle of Higher Education and Sirius XM Business Radio Channel 111, powered by the Wharton School.

In the interviews, Bergeron talked about how the College has reinvented the liberal arts in order to frame students’ education around problem-solving and help students better connect their experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

"We really needed to create some new structures that help students deal with complexity," she said in the video interview with The Chronicle's Ian Wilhelm, "because the goal of an education is to prepare students to confront the increasingly complex world problems."

The new curriculum, called Connections, was "borne out of that emphasis to think about how you tie together the kinds of work that students do in their classes, of course, but also in the community, in the world, and in their lives after college," she said.

Talking to Dan Loney, host of the Knowledge@Wharton program on Sirius XM, Bergeron said, "The liberal arts model has existed for more than 100 years. And it’s almost all of what we need—but it doesn't always connect students to the world around them."

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December 1, 2016