Committee Members

Rich Madonna, Vice President for Finance and Administration (chair)

Victor Arcelus, Dean of Students

Mary Calarese, Director of Financial Planning

Christine Chung, Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Jeffrey Cole, Associate Dean of the Faculty/Professor of Anthropology

Jane Dawson, Virginia Eason Weinmann '51 Professor of Government and Environmental Studies/Director of the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment

Jennifer Fredricks, Professor of Human Development/Director of the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy

Noel Garrett, Dean of Academic Support/Director of the Academic Resource Center

David Jaffe, Associate Professor of Theater

John McKnight, Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion

Chris Penniman, Director of Instructional Technology

Darryl Phillips, Associate Professor of Classics

Fran Shields, Katherine Wenk Christoffers '45 Director of Athletics/Chair of Physical Education Department

Staff: John Nugent and Lisa Lombardo

Committee Charge and Process

The charge of the Implementation/Action Planning Group (IPG) was to develop the practical roadmap to take the draft Connecticut College strategic plan from concept to action. The three strategic priorities and their associated goals and objectives, developed by the Strategic Planning Committee in 2015-16, were the launching point for that work.

During Summer 2016, the IPG met weekly to develop, review, revise, and finalize action items. The IPG divided into three working groups that mirrored the plan's three priorities -- Enhancing Academic Distinction, Enriching the Student Experience, and Supporting Full Participation and Sustainability. Each subgroup's members used their expertise and experience at the College to identify specific activities to achieve the plan's objectives. Group members developed timelines and sequences, made tentative assignments of responsibility and accountability, and defined performance indicators and metrics for assessment. These details are contained in a comprehensive set of spreadsheets, to be available for consultation and updated by responsible parties as the action steps are undertaken. Activities in the final draft include both those suggested during the data gathering and drafting phases of the strategic planning process and others developed by the IPG. IPG members consulted with other members of the campus community to obtain insights, information, and data; to ask questions pertinent to the process; and to gather suggestions or feedback for use in developing the implementation/action plan.

After concluding its work, the IPG submitted its recommendations to the President for review. Previous drafts of the strategic plan were synthesized with the output of the IPG as well as the summer working group on Connections implementation to produce the present document. The successful implementation of this plan will depend on the continued collaboration from multiple leaders and groups across campus.