Who's my roommate going to be? Where will I live?

Welcome to on-campus living! You might share a room with one, two or three other students. Your answers from the online Student Housing Form are used to help match you with your roommate(s). Please be accurate in answering the questions about your lifestyle, such as your sleep schedule, study habits, etc. The goal of the roommate matching is compatibility. Some roommates become best friends for life; others co-exist amicably but find their closest friends elsewhere. In mid-January you’ll get an email notifying you of your room assignment and your roommate(s).

Student residences are all known as houses at Connecticut College. There are no fraternities or sororities. Many social activities and other events revolve around the residence halls. House staff host a variety of events— everything from study breaks to Sunday-morning brunches to the house-against-house competition of Camelympics — and opportunities for intellectual conversations to occur outside of the classroom.

As a resident, you’re invited and encouraged to help plan your house’s social and educational programs. A group of 11 faculty members, called Residential Education Fellows, is also available to help plan events, talks, films, study breaks and other opportunities for students and professors to interact outside the classroom.

See our advice, "Living with roommates." 

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