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Q: Are residence halls connected to a computer network and have cable?

A: Yes. Wireless network access is available throughout each residence hall. In addition, wired connections to the Internet are available for each occupant of every room -- so if you live in a triple, all three of you can be on the Internet at the same time. However, every residence hall room has a single cable TV connection.

Q: Should I bring my own computer?

A: Most students have computers, and it is nice to have the ease of finishing a paper or checking email from your own room instead of the library or a computer lab. That said, if you do not have a computer, there are plenty of computer labs on campus if you need them.

Q: Where will I live?

A: There are 14 residence halls where first-years, sophomores, juniors and seniors live. All residence halls are integrated in terms of year and gender, so there are no first-year or male residence halls. There are single gender floors for those who request them, but most of the campus chooses to live coed, and yes, the bathrooms are coed too (it might sound weird at first, but you share a bathroom with your siblings and your parents, right?).

First-years are placed in doubles, triples or quads, and roommates are matched based on interests, lifestyle, music preference and other characteristics. After your first year, most students will be able to live in single rooms. Sophomores, juniors and seniors enjoy having their own personal space instead of having a roommate; on the other hand, many meet their best friend for life and live together all four years.

Q: What are the residences like?

A: Residence halls are governed by a House Council (made up of student representatives and student senators/governors) and a trained senior student called a Housefellow. The Housefellow lives in the house but is not a baby-sitter. The Housefellow is in charge of day-to-day life in the residence hall, facilitates communication between the Office of Residential Education and Living and the residents, and runs House Council. House Council plans events and activities for the residence hall (movie nights, parties, intramural teams, etc.) and represents the residence in student government meetings. No RAs roam the halls and students are expected to uphold the Honor Code at all times.

Q: Is there thematic housing?

A: There certainly is. Called specialty housing, it includes substance free and quiet housing, which are popular and available. The College also offers students an opportunity to create their own theme houses. These students live in on campus apartments and their themes can vary from houses that celebrate Indian Culture to houses that raise the awareness of the New London arts scene.

Q: Is housing guaranteed?

A: Sure is. You are guaranteed housing for all four years.

Q: Can I live off campus?

A: Students are expected to live in residence at the College unless they are living with their parents, guardians, spouse or dependents within a 50 mile radius of the campus.

Q: How's the food?

A: Vegetarians, vegans and carnivores alike enjoy eating in our dining halls. It may not be as good as the home cooking you are used to (depending on how well your mother or father cooks), but the pickiest eater can go into one of our dining halls and be pleased. Salad bars, pasta, deli sandwiches, hamburgers and fries are available at every meal on top of the daily hot food line. You can eat dessert first if you want, or you can eat cereal for every meal if you wish!


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