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Noel Garrett

Noel Garrett

Dean of Academic Support and Director of the Academic Resource Center

Joining Connecticut College in 2013, Noel serves as both the Dean of Academic Support and the Director of the Academic Resource Center. As dean, he oversees the Academic Resource Center, writing center, student accessibility services, and the career office. Noel serves as a liaison between the Dean of the College and faculty regarding areas that have to do with student academic success. Along with his student involvement, he also collaborates with all deans in the Office of the Dean of the College in providing effective and timely academic support to Connecticut College. Earning his doctorate in clinical, cognitive, social, and developmental psychology, Noel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, having previously worked as class dean at Wesleyan University.

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Christopher Colbath

Christopher Colbath, Ph.D.

Learning Specialist and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Coordinator

Chris obtained a Ph.D. in Russian Literature from UCLA. Seeing the potential of his skill set, the Academic Resource Center decided to employ his services to aid students for whom English is a foreign language. Currently a learning specialist, Chris also organizes much of the peer tutoring on campus.

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers." - Thomas Pynchon

Patricia Dallas

Patricia Dallas

Assistant Director

Providing the backbone to the Academic Resource Center, Patricia assists in the behind the scenes work that allows the ARC to run smoothly. As Assistant Director, not only does she manage office workers and organize events, she always greets visitors with a smile. Originally working as an assistant for the Gender and Women’s Studies department, Patricia made the transition to the ARC in 2013. With a degree in English, she’s the perfect fit for an environment that is geared toward student education.

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Patrick Pero

Patrick Pero

Program Coordinator

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in professional writing from Western Connecticut State University, Pat works as a program coordinator focusing on communications within the Academic Resource Center. Having worked multiple summers in Conn’s IT Department, Pat’s transition to the ARC blends both his proficiencies in writing and technology. He currently handles the social media accounts and website as well as creating a voice between the Resource Center and College community.

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Marenda Weaver

Strategic Learning Specialist; ARC Tutoring Coordinator

Marenda Weaver has worked in education for many years. While in search of more gratifying opportunities, she decided to pursue a Master of Science in Counselor Education which helped her find a career that has meaning and supports her career-related values. Supporting student success has been her top priority.

Prior to arriving at Connecticut College, Marenda's experience includes coordinating programs and advising students pursuing health related fields as well ensuring student success. At Connecticut College, she has served as a Career Adviser and is currently a Strategic Learning Specialist and works closes with the Academic Deans to support the learning process for students. In fostering student success, she serves as a resource to assist students in making the most of their Conn experiences, both academic and co-curricular.

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