Fall Semester Study Away

If you hope to study away in the fall of your junior year, you should begin to learn more about Study Away at Connecticut College in the first semester of your sophomore year. The timeline below will help guide you through the typical study away process.

During the first semester of sophomore year:


  • Begin researching CC approved study away programs and SATA programs.

  • Read the Study Away Guide and Handbook (found on CamelWeb).


  • Attend the Sophomore Study Away Information Meeting to learn more about study away at Connecticut College. 
  • It is highly advisable for students to declare a major. Remember that study away needs to be integrated into your academic coursework.


  • Connecticut College course pre-registration. Carefully choose courses that will help you prepare for your study away program, especially language courses. You should also enroll in any pre-requisite courses and courses required for the major/minor that may not be offered when they return from their semester abroad
  • Apply for or renew your U.S. Passport. Most countries require that passports are valid for at least 6 months after the completion of the study away program.


  • Begin to fill out the College's Study Away Application.
  • Begin making appointments to meet with your academic adviser(s) in your major to complete the Academic Adviser Form. You will need to bring course descriptions of classes that you propose to take during your semester away. Be sure to meet with your minor adviser if you intend to count courses toward your minor.
  • If considering an unapproved program, make an appointment to meet with the Director of the Office of Study Away, Shirley Parson, (sapar@conncoll.edu). Bring materials regarding the program’s admission requirements, courses, credits, housing, and student support services.

During the second semester of sophomore year:


  • Schedule a meeting with the Office of Study Away staff for any assistance on finalizing a first or second choice program or help with completing Fall Study Away Applications (Not mandatory).


  • Be mindful of the application deadline! Applications are typically due around the second week of February. The Faculty Study Away Committee (FSAC) will not consider late or incomplete applications. Students will be notified via email of the Committee’s decision to grant CC approval to participate on study away.
  • Begin working on all program-specific online application forms and begin writing essays for all Connecticut College-approved programs by this date. Also give your professors any program-specific Faculty Recommendations Forms (if needed).
  • Immediately after approval, bring the Undergraduate Program Approval Form (also called the Approval of Participation Form or the Authorization/Evaluation Form) to the Office of Study Away for the director's signature.
  • Complete the application(s) for your approved study away program(s). Application deadlines can be found on the program’s website – it is your responsibility to know all deadlines. Since most study away programs have rolling admissions, do not wait until the last minute to apply to your study away program.


  • Research more about your study away country. Start reading online newspapers and magazines, and purchase a travel guide. Talk to other students who have studied away in the same country.


  • Begin researching country-specific student visa instructions and application requirements online. Follow all instructions sent by study away programs regarding applying for a student visa and promptly ask questions if you are confused about any part of the visa application process. Do not wait until the last minute to schedule visa application meetings with embassies or consulates.


  • Attend a mandatory pre-departure meeting. Date will be announced via email.
  • Deadline to complete and submit the CC Study Away Waiver and the Study Away Notification Form to the Office of Study Away will be early May.
  • Purchase your flight.