If you are enrolled in one of our production courses, you'll be able to check out any of the below items that you have been trained on for your class projects. Our equipment is upgraded, updated and built up throughout the year, every year.

Production Equipment

Digital Cameras

9x Canon XF400 4K UHD cameras kits
3x Canon 5D MarkIV 4K UHD camera kits
All digital camera kits include Manfrotto tripod, shoulder mount, shotgun mic, lav mics, headphones, cables and other accessories
Various lenses and filters are available for checkout

16MM Cameras

7x K100 Kodak 16mm camera kits
All 16mm camera kits include Sekonic light meters and tripods

Lights (assembled into various kits):

12x Lowel 500w Omni lights
4x Lowel 1000w DP lights
5x Lowel 200w Pro-lights
3x Lowel 750w Tota lights
1x Lowel Rifa soft light box
1x Arri Fresnel kit (includes150, 300, and 650 watt lights)
2x Soft light panels
Lights are checked out in kits with barndoors, scrims, stands and sandbags.


5x Zoom H2 recorder kits with lav and xlr mics
3x Advanced Sennheiser/Tascam Wireless Audio/Camera accessories kits
2x High quality ADR/Voiceover mics


1x Matthews doorway dolly and optional 24 feet of track
2x Ronin DJI gimbal camera stabilizers
1x Red Rock shoulder mount rig
2x Fotga follow focus 1x 42” Camera slider
2x Glidecam rigs
1x Manfrotto folding tripod dolly
2x HD field monitors with external power supplies