One of the first liberal arts colleges to establish a department of Chinese in 1965, Connecticut College expanded its unique commitment to the field through the creation of an interdepartmental Asian studies program in 1970, and again in 1985 with the addition of the department of Japanese. Today Chinese, Japanese and Asian studies are united under the department of East Asian Languages and Cultures.

We in East Asian Languages and Cultures are of the conviction that extensive language training coupled with a learning perspective that is more Asia-centered allows our students to gain true insight into Asia in a variety of contexts.

So be prepared for intensive, highly individualized interaction with your professors. You will have the constant attention of our faculty as you work through the major in East Asian Studies,  from the rigorous year-long elementary courses to the cultural immersion of study abroad to working under the close supervision of a thesis adviser in your senior year.

You will be in a language-intensive environment from the moment you set foot on campus. You'll be able to practice your language in the classroom, language lab or over meals at the language tables in Freeman Dining Hall.