Students typically study abroad during their junior year for a semester, combined summer/fall semester, or full academic year. Our College has a strong relationship with the Associated Colleges in China (ACC) Program that administers an intensive language program in Beijing, and all students are encouraged to apply. Alternate programs are available in both Mainland China and in Taiwan. All students returning from a Chinese language program outside of the College are required to take an oral and written placement test to gain academic credit and/or place into the appropriate level of our program.

Mainland China

Associated Colleges in China (ACC)
Hosted by: Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing
Programs: Summer, Summer/Fall, Spring
Application Deadline: Summer & Summer/Fall ­ March 1; Spring ­ October 15
Contact: Hamilton College (315-859-4326)

China Educational Tours Academic Programs (CET)
Hosted by: Capital Normal University College, Beijing
Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin
Programs: Fall, Spring, Summer
Application Deadline: Fall ­ May 15 ;Spring ­ November 1; Summer ­ March 15
Contact: 1-800-225-4262

University of Massachusetts at Amherst Exchange Program
Hosted by: Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an
Program: Semester-long
Application Deadline: March 1 & October 15
Contact: 413-545-4350

Princeton in Beijing
Hosted by: Beijing Normal University, Beijing
Program: 9-weeks, summer
Application deadline, January 15
Contact: Princeton University 609-258-4269


Mandarin Training Center
Hosted by: National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei
Programs: Four 3-month quarters, 8-week Summer
Application Deadline: Quarters ­ June 1 & December 1; Summer ­ April 1
Contact: 162 Hoping E. Rd., Sec. 1 Taipei, 10610, Taiwan, ROC 866-2-2-321-8457

University of Massachusetts at Amherst Exchange Program
Hosted by: Tunghai University, Taichung
Application Deadlines: Fall/Summer ­ March 1 & October 15; Summer ­ March 15
Contact: 413-545-4350,

Summer Language Programs in the US (estimated application deadlines)

Middlebury Chinese Summer School
Hosted by: Middlebury College, Vermont
Program: 9-weeks
Application Deadline: January 1
Contact: Middlebury College

Stanford University Chinese Language Program
Hosted by: Stanford University and Harbin University
Location: Palo Alto, California
Program: Summer
Application Deadline: March 1
Contact: 415-725-2742

Information on Internships

(estimated placement type and application deadlines)

Location: Beijing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Shanghai
Program: 1-2 years, Job only.
Placement Type: Varies from year to year. 25-30 positions.
Financial Aid: "Not a money-making venture"
Application Deadline: December 1
Contact: Princeton-in-Asia 609-258-3657

Boston University's Beijing Internship
Program Location: Beijing
Program: Fall (12 weeks of intensive language studies under CET followed By 8 weeks of work placement); Spring (12 weeks and 8 weeks)
Placement Type: for both Fall and Spring 1. Arts/ Architecture 2. Business/ Economics 3. Media (Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Broadcasting, and Film) 4. Law 5. Politics
Financial Aid: Available upon request
Application Deadline: Fall, March 15: Spring, October 15.
Contact: Boston University International Programs 617-353-9888