Here is one student's experience:

"When I arrived at Connecticut College, I had four years of high-school French and I had been to France on a two-week exchange program. I had heard good things about the French department's professors and the attention they give to the majors.

My favorite courses so far have been 'French Cinema' taught by Professor Spencer, and 'Introduction to Literary Analysis.' In the cinema course, we caught a glimpse of what happened in the preparation of films, why certain angles were used for certain images, and the points that filmmakers tried to get across in making their films in a certain style. It was all in French.

In the summer between my junior and senior year, I did a two-month internship with an Internet-based wine marketing organization in Montpelier, France. I worked almost entirely in French, and I was given a lot responsibility. I also got the opportunity to travel around France to certain wine functions. The internship contributed to my understanding of how businesses are organized and run in France." - Andrew Carten '08