Issues of gender now lie at the forefront of American and international culture and politics. The Department of Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies provides students with an interdisciplinary program that teaches them how to think analytically and then apply their knowledge in real-world settings.

This newly conceived program builds on the former Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. Students take core courses where they tackle dense and complex issues of race, class, nationality and sexuality as they relate to gender, studying with an accomplished and dedicated faculty.

Majors tailor their studies to their intellectual and career interests by using the resources of the College to create cross-curricular programs that support their learning goals. Studying across academic disciplines, they view the operation of gender and sexuality in the labor market, the family, political systems and cultural production—among other fields.

Students take theoretically rich learning into the everyday realities of communities and organizations to advocate for social equity and justice. They work in a variety of internships that might include building LBGTQ support systems for teenagers or helping female immigrants navigate a web of governmental agencies.

Graduates enter the next phase of their lives inspired and prepared to be intellectuals and activists in realms as disparate as the arts, government and sciences. They typically enter graduate programs or work in education, public policy, public health, non-governmental organizations and politics.

Connecticut College has long been committed to fostering diversity and supports students with programs, offices and resources that include the LGBTQIA Center and the Womxn's Center.