The interplay between what you learn in your major(s) and your co-curricular experiences creates the life-changing experience of your liberal arts education. Here are the various ways in which students are creating such experiences.

Semester abroad junior year

A semester abroad during the junior year enriches and globalizes your learning;  there is a wide range of international programs with a gendered focus.

Summer internships

Connecticut College offers funded summer internships between the junior and senior years, with a stipend up to $3000. About 80% of students take advantage of this signature program.

Examples: Students have interned in organizations advocating for Somali immigrants in Maine, or Latino/s in Oregon. Some work with the International Program of the League of Women Voters,  in support of transgender rights in New York or Washington D.C., or for gay marriage with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Study Away Teach Away SATA or TRIP

GSIS professors and students can travel together through the Study Away/Teach Away (SATA) program or TRIP, (Traveling Research Immersion Program) on excursions as part of a course.


The Connecticut College Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts Research Program offers summer research stipends in the humanities and social sciences for students to work with faculty members.