While at Connecticut College, students can play a key role in government department activities. The Student Advisory Board serves as a liaison between our majors and the department's faculty. Duties of the student on the SAB include meetings with faculty and potential faculty, meetings with SAB members to plan and organize events such as lectures, and miscellaneous tasks. In particular our Student Advisory Board annually holds a "Meet the Majors" event for freshmen. And in May, just after grades for graduating seniors are submitted, we have our annual government-economics departments softball game and cookout, and Trivia Night.

During their undergraduate years, our students develop and hone skills of thinking and expression, both written and oral. The understandings and skills acquired help position our majors to gain entrance to excellent graduate or professional schools. Our graduates, who hold degrees in government or international relations, tend to pursue careers in many areas, including government, international and non-governmental organizations, law, journalism, finance, business, and secondary and higher education.