"[Philosophy produces] a liberated logical imagination. . ." Susanne Langer in Mind: An Essay in Human Feeling

We live in a world of daunting and profound questions — What can we truly know? What is our true nature? What is the best way to live? — answering which requires, no doubt, a "liberated logical imagination." There may, therefore, be no better way to search for those answers than to study philosophy at Connecticut College.

For many years, the department of philosophy was the home of one of America's preeminent philosophers, Susanne Langer (1895-1985).

Today, the department is known for the breadth of courses it offers, covering not only the whole long history of philosophy starting from ancient times, but also both the continental and analytic traditions of contemporary philosophy. Its curriculum also reflects the College's emphasis on interdisciplinary studies with courses that cut across boundaries into the arts, the sciences, religion, environmental studies and more.

Sometimes those considering a major in philosophy are confronted with the age-old question, "What can you do with a philosophy major?" To this we respond that the proper question to ask, rather, is "What can’t you do?"

For that question has an easy answer:  Nothing! Philosophy develops the most general and useful intellectual skills, such as the ability to think and write clearly, deeply, abstractly, methodically, rigorously and critically. It therefore provides an excellent foundation not merely for graduate study in fields such as law, public policy and even medicine and cognitive science, but also provides skills in great demand in business, journalism, secondary education and many other fields.

And of course, most importantly, the study of philosophy enriches and deepens you as a human being, and so prepares you to think about, and ultimately to lead, the richest and most meaningful sort of human life.

So it’s not just that a liberated logical imagination can take you almost anywhere you want to go. It helps you figure out where it is you should want to go.