In addition to taking the many Philosophy courses in the College catalog, as a student you'll have the opportunity to participate in a number of special lectures, conferences, and activities.

The department has a well-established guest lecture series called "Pizza & Profundity" that brings both up-and-coming and established philosophers to our campus to give talks, meet with students and share pizza. After the pizza, and after the profundity, several students typically join the members of the department in taking the speaker out to a local restaurant — for even more profundity.

The department also hosts a Philosophy Table, once each semester, that brings faculty and students together over a brown-bag lunch. Conversations can range far and wide, but are always stimulating and provocative, and only occasionally result in fisticuffs.

The department ends the academic year with a banquet celebrating the year's honors students and various other achievements of its faculty members and students.

Our department encourages students to participate in undergraduate philosophy conferences and to submit their work to undergraduate journals, regularly sending around information about these and working with students to polish their papers for submission. In recent years, our philosophy majors have presented their work at conferences at SUNY Oneonta, the University of Memphis, and Pacific University in Oregon, among others.

There are also numerous study abroad opportunities for philosophy majors, including programs at world-class universities in Germany, England, Scotland, France, Australia, Nepal and Tibet.

Over the years, our philosophy majors have gone on not only to obtain Ph.D.'s in philosophy, but have entered business, journalism, secondary education and numerous other fields.