Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior. It is an exciting field, where scientific advances make headline news and the opportunities for exploration are vast. Our collaborative program puts students at the center of research and innovation. As a department, we are committed to research and practice that will improve the lives of people with psychological, biological, environmental and social challenges. 

Research is the backbone of the Psychology Department.  Our faculty are nationally and internationally known scholars who have published books and articles in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals. Professors include experts in the study of clinical/counseling psychology, gender psychology, multicultural psychology, neuroscience and social psychology.

Working closely with professors in research groups, students gain valuable training that introduces them firsthand to scientific investigation and clinical practice. Professors personalize learning and get to know students well, guiding and mentoring them as they advance in the department. These student-faculty research collaborations often culminate in student presentations at professional conferences. Many students also present their research at the annual department conference and publish research papers in the Psychology Department journal.

The department offers more than 35 courses across a broad range of psychological specialties, so our students benefit from breadth as well as depth of learning in this burgeoning field. Classes are interactive and lively, with students participating actively. Students also gain real-world experience through internships at community social service and mental health agencies, including a school dedicated to children with special needs and their families, a center serving survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, and hospital-based programs treating people with drug and alcohol dependency.

The Psychology Department also offers an interdisciplinary Behavioral Neuroscience major, which is designed to foster an understanding of the neural bases of behavior.

For its dedication to service both on campus and off, Connecticut College's Psychology Department has been honored with the 2013 American Psychological Association's (APA) Culture of Service Award.