Major in psychology and you develop strong research skills, learn in ways that are interactive and hands-on, and get to know your professors well. You study clinical, social and experimental psychology; we also offer an interdisciplinary major in behavioral neuroscience. We encourage you to develop your own research interests, which may culminate in a senior honors thesis or an individual study with a professor. We offer more than 35 courses – a reflection on the diverse interests of our faculty. You have many opportunities to learn outside the classroom, including study abroad or an internship at a medical center, social services agency or mental health institution. In addition, a dozen distinguished scholars and practitioners in the field visit campus each year to speak.

Special Opportunities

You can combine your psychology major with another major or a certificate from one of the College's academic centers. Through Connections, you’ll explore an issue of interest to you from the perspective of multiple disciplines. For example, a psychology major in the Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts interned with an advocacy group in Argentina and also did cross-cultural research on body image and eating disorders. Another major in the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy researched the impact of residential treatment on troubled youth.

Department Activities

Professors host weekly or biweekly discussions on a wide range of research topics, from developmental psychopathology and feminist psychology to personality and clinical research. You might use the group for feedback as you develop a research proposal, help a professor with a research project or collaborate with other students.


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