Each year, senior majors have an opportunity to produce or collaborate on a project, representing a culmination of their work in the major. Possibilities include solo performance, an advanced directing or playwriting project, a design project or a major research paper. These capstones are undertaken as major independent studies or honors theses, are faculty mentored, and provide opportunities for other students as well. 

2023 Senior Capstone Festival

  • “If you See Him Say Hello.” Written and performed by Wylie McCann ’23.
  • “A Mother’s Love.” Written and performed by Wood-May Joseph ’23.

2022 Senior Capstone Festival

  • “See It Again.” Written by Alcy Hart ’22.
  • “The Man Behind the Camera.” A capstone solo performance written and performed by Jillian Rothman ’22.
  • “Tartuffe 2020.” Written by John (Will[1] ) Hite ’22. Parody of “Tartuffe” by Molière.
  • “snapped.” Written by Kayla O’Malley ’22. Directed by Wylie McCann ’23.
  • “Peace Be Upon You.” Written and performed by Sawera Choudary ’22.
  • “4:48 Psychosis” by Sarah Kane. Devised work created by Jordan Galloway ’22 and Katherine Hurst ’22.

2021 Senior Capstone Festival

  • “For Good.” An original cabaret concert by Arielle Salerono ’21 and Becca Collins ’21.
  • “you’re alive in my head.” A capstone solo performance written and performed by Martha Kenyon ’21.
  • “Destabilizing Shakespeare.” A capstone exhibition in Costume Design and Shakespeare by Carly Sponzo ’21.

2020 Senior Capstone Festival

  • “Daddy Long Legs” by John Caird. Performance capstone for Julianna Goldfluss ’20.

2019 Senior Capstone Festival

  • “The Effect” by Lucy Prebble. Performance capstone for Colin Archer ’19, Julia Hutton ’19, and Truly Siskind-Weiss ’19. Design capstone for Grace Mennell ’19.

2018 Senior Capstone Festival

  • “firefly/a foreigner’s tale.” Written by Misao McGregor ’18.
  • “The Nether” by Jennifer Haley. Directing capstone for Jason Karos ’18. Production/Media Design capstone for Rebecca Brill Weitz ’18.
  • “In the Spotlight.” Written by Lindsey Ruzza ’18. Performed by Lizzy Moreno ’18 and Dara Pohl Feldman ’18.
  • “in the ribs.” A punk-ass devised theater capstone created and performed by Catherine Healey ’18, Gabrielle Schlein ’18, and Katie Soricelli ’18.

2017 Senior Capstone Festival

  • ‘Eurydice’ by Sarah Ruhl. A capstone in directing by Lana Richards ’17. A capstone in acting by Emily Ultan ’17.
  • "Deva." A capstone solo performance, created and performed by Eva Murray ’17.
  • "Sprinting in Heels." A capstone solo performance, created and performed by Brenna McClain ’17.
  • "Happy Ugly Comedic." A capstone solo performance, created and performed by Ashley Giordano ’17.
  • "All the World’s a Stage Run by Children." A presentation by Natalie Boles ’17, based on her research.

2016 Senior Capstone Festival

  • "That's Crazy." An interactive experience by Molly Shea ’16.
  • "The Phoenix." By Charlotte Weber ’16; costume design by Summer Irving ’16; acting performance by Brittany Baltay ’16. Directed by Mary McWilliams ’17.
  • "un.spoke.n." A play by Emma Weisberg ’16. Directed by Emily Ulton ’17.
  • "Destructive Behaviors." A play by Rachel Maddox ’16. Directed by Hannah Boal ’17.
  • "Everything the Light Touches Is . . . White." A research project and talk by Leise Trueblood ’16.
  • "It's Okay Not to be Okay." A self-revelatory performance by Leah Shapiro ’16.
  • "Mud. "By Maria Irene Fornes. Directing and acting by Mattie Barber-Bockelman ’16, Teresa Cruz ’16, Spencer Lutvak ’16 and David Socolar ’16.

2015 Senior Capstone Festival

  • "Gruesome Playground Injuries" by Rajiv Joseph. Directed by Madison Winey ’15, featuring Terilyn Eisenhauer ’15. Produced by Christophe Desorbay ’15.
  • "So Brilliantly Clever." Book, music and lyrics by Andrew Marco ’15.
  • of the Beast. Written by Leila Teitelman ’15.

2014 Senior Capstone Festival

  • "Barely Naked." Created and performed by Jacob Rosenbaum ’14.
  • "Medea of Gaza." Written by Julian Gordon ’14; Medea played by Julia Larsen ’14.
  • "Seminar." Written by Theresa Rebeck. Directed by Scott Pulvirent ’14.