• Gateway Course
  • Three additional core courses to support research areas
    • Students must complete three additional courses selected in consultation with their CCSRE adviser.
  • CCSRE or CCSRE-partnered events
    • Students are required to attend two CCSRE or CCSRE-partnered events per academic year.
  • One-semester senior project (CRE 491 or CRE 492)
    • In the senior year, each student scholar must complete a one-semester senior project (CRE 491 or CRE 492) advised by CCSRE faculty affiliates. A student may also complete the SIP through an upper-level course offered by another department or program, with permission of the Center.
    • You will present your senior project at the All-College Symposium
  • Courses in the Modes of Inquiry
    • Students are required to complete courses in four of the five Modes of Inquiry.
  • No GPA Requirement
    • There is no GPA requirement for the certificate program; all students who submit the interest form and pre-register for the gateway course are welcome.

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