Goodwin-Niering Center Logo, Original

The Center's Original Logo

As the Center began to take shape, a design was needed in order to increase awareness of the Center both off and on campus. Art major Deanna Nelson '98 developed the bold and simple design. The logo started with a variation of a Celtic knot-work pattern. The green background circle is symbolic of the earth and the continuous ribbon within the circle suggests the interconnectedness of the biological and physical systems of the planet. The four outer loops suggest the cardinal points of the compass and might also suggest the four "elements" of the ancients: earth, air, fire and water.

Goodwin-Niering Center Logo, 2003

A Change for the Center's Logo

In 2003, it was decided that it was time for an updated version to recognize the renaming of the center to honor ecologists Richard Goodwin and William Niering . Susan Lindberg, publications designer for the College at that time, came up with a new and improved image for the Goodwin-Niering Center.

Goodwin-Niering Center Logo, New

New Name, New Logo

In 2010, the center decided to change its name to the Goodwin-Niering Center for the Environment reflecting our primary focus of attention, the environment. We welcome non-scientists and all members of the campus community to participate in sustainable, environmental thinking. At the same time, we continue to honor Goodwin and Niering, pioneers of the viewpoint that environmental issues be addressed with an interdisciplinary approach.