Q: Should I wait to find out if I am admitted before applying for financial aid?

A: Definitely not. Increasingly, families wait for the admission decision prior to applying for financial aid. Students who apply for financial aid after the deadline are placed on a financial aid wait list for scholarship assistance. It is very rare for students who are placed on the wait list to receive financial assistance from the College.

Q: When will I be notified about my financial aid package?

A: Providing all information requested has been received, an applicant should expect to receive a financial aid award letter with their admission acceptance packet.

Q: If my student receives a scholarship, how will that affect the award?

A: Many students receive outside sources of funding to support their college expenses. It is important to notify Financial Aid Services if any funding of this type is received by sending in a copy of the award notification to finaid@conncoll.edu.

Federal regulations require we take outside awards into consideration as a student's eligibility is determined. When a student receives an outside scholarship the award will change in this order:

1. Student's contribution from summer earnings will be reduced to the federal level
2. Loan levels will be eliminated or reduced
3. Student employment will be eliminated or reduced
4. Very last to be reduced is/are the grant(s)

Q: January 16 is Conn's deadline for applying for financial aid. Does that mean that the electronic file of FAFSA and Profile must be in your office by that date?

A: The FAFSA and CSS Profile must be submitted electronically by the deadline date. Consult the Financial Aid section for the exact deadlines.

Q: If I don't have last year's W2 and my federal tax return has not been completed, how do I complete the required information?

A: Estimate. If nothing has changed from the previous year, use the previous year's taxes to complete the forms. If you had a salary increase, give us the new figure.

Q: I will not be able to submit the required documents by the deadline. Will I still be eligible for financial aid?

A: Notify the office immediately of any extenuating circumstances that prevent you from meeting the deadline. You may be given an extension however, your request for an extension must be justified. Just getting back from vacation does not justify an extension. Extra time can be given for a medical emergency, a natural disaster, a death in the family, etc. Remember - without an approved extension, you will incur a penalty for late submission.

Q: When are tuition payments due?

A: See the "Student Accounts - Fees and Payment" section.