Connecticut College is one of over 677 colleges and universities that participate in the Tuition Exchange (TE) Program.  Under this program, a dependent of an eligible employee at one participating institution may be awarded Tuition Exchange at another.  Eligibility requirements, award amounts, application procedures, and continuation policies in the program vary by institution.  The information below applies specifically to Connecticut College. 

Initial selection for incoming first-year applicants is based on very keen competition.  The Admission Committee reviews all applicants and selections are made on the basis of stellar academic and extracurricular achievement.  Exact parameters for likely success cannot be determined since the number of applicants and awards differs each year, thus varying the degree of competition.  For the 2024-2025 academic year, the scholarship is $42,000.  

Candidates for admission who have applied for Tuition Exchange are notified of the TE decision with their admission decisions.  An accepted, enrolling Tuition Exchange student receives a potentially renewable Tuition Exchange benefit (maximum eight [8] semesters) as long as the student maintains a strong record of academic achievement (minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA) and continues positive contributions to the Connecticut College community.  Students accepted for Tuition Exchange who defer matriculation must reapply for Tuition Exchange, which is not deferrable.  Students receiving Tuition Exchange may participate in any of the numerous study-away/abroad programs during their tenure at Connecticut College. 

Depending on availability of the benefit, new upper class applicants (including Fall Transfers) and enrolling students not selected initially for Tuition Exchange may apply in subsequent years (deadline: April 1st).  Upper class and transfer applicants compete based on academic and extracurricular achievements for the Tuition Exchange benefit, if and only if, there is a vacancy in the Tuition Exchange contingent for that class.  

Tuition Exchange application deadlines are the same as those for admission: November 15th for Early Decision I; January 15th for Early Decision II and Regular Decision; April 1st for Fall Transfer.  Applicants should contact the Tuition Exchange Officer at the exporting institution to determine any deadlines applicable to that end of the process. 

Tuition Exchange applicants may also be eligible for need-based financial aid and must file required forms with the Financial Aid Office by the appropriate deadlines: November 15th for Early Decision I; January 15th for Early Decision II; February 1st for Regular Decision; April 1st for Fall Transfer.  For financial aid purposes, Tuition Exchange is considered as an outside resource and, as such, does not reduce the “expected family contribution.”  For more information, financial aid applicants should contact the Financial Aid Office directly at 860-439-2058 or

For further general information, please contact the Tuition Exchange parent organization at 301-941-1827 or  For specific information regarding Connecticut College’s Tuition Exchange program, please contact the program’s liaison officer, Stacey Flynn, Program Coordinator, at 860-439-2202

Frequently Asked Questions

How many awards are there?

The number of awards varies from year to year depending on the quality and quantity of the Tuition Exchange applicants as well as the number of Tuition Exchange exports from Connecticut College. In recent years, one to four Tuition Exchange offers were made. 

How much is the award?

Connecticut College offers the minimum amount set by the Tuition Exchange organization, which is $42,000 for the 2024-2025 academic year.

How many people apply for Tuition Exchange each year?

In any given year, there are usually between 100-120 Tuition Exchange applicants. For the Class of 2027, there were 132 Tuition Exchange applicants.

Is it first-come, first-served?


Are the awards good for all four years?

The award is renewable each year provided the student remains in good academic and social standing. Both the exporting institution and Connecticut College must continue to participate in Tuition Exchange during the subsequent eight semesters.

Can transfer students and enrolled students apply for Tuition Exchange for the first time?

Yes, but unfortunately it is unlikely an award would be available. Connecticut College offers new awards to incoming first-years, not to upper class students. A Tuition Exchange award is only available to a transfer or enrolled student, if one of Connecticut College’s Tuition Exchange recipients rescinds the award, becomes ineligible, or transfers to another institution.

How does a prospective applicant apply for Tuition Exchange?

To begin the process, the prospective student or his/her parent should contact the liaison officer from the exporting institution. Then, the exporting institution completes a simple one-page application and sends the form to the Connecticut College Office of Admission. Upon receipt, the Admission Office files the Tuition Exchange application with the student’s other admission materials and reviews the request for an award with the request for admission.

When will I find out if I get Tuition Exchange?

Connecticut College notifies a student of his or her admission and Tuition Exchange decisions simultaneously.  Due to the small number of Tuition Exchange awards offered per year, we do maintain a short waitlist for Tuition Exchange awards.

Can I apply for Tuition Exchange if I do not need financial aid?


Can I apply for financial aid and Tuition Exchange at the same time?

Yes. Applicants are encouraged to apply for financial aid if unable to afford Connecticut College without a Tuition Exchange award. For more information, please visit our Financial Aid Services Web site at