April 23, 2022

The Connecticut College Camels Care initiative is an opportunity for alumni to make a difference by participating in community service projects across the country and globe. Service is a long-standing tradition at Connecticut College, and this annual program allows our alumni community to truly put the liberal arts into action as citizens of a global society.  

Volunteer opportunities and service projects included in Connecticut College's Camels Care program aim to inspire action, promote social good, and motivate the alumni community to make a positive impact.

A long-standing tradition, this program allows alumni and other community members to come together and make a difference with various organizations. 

The program operates with several different locations simultaneously performing a volunteer service or charity in celebration of Earth Day. Volunteer activities will be led by a “Team Captain” in each area. Click here to register for a Camels Care 2022 Event. 


Current Event Information (Hosts and Locations)