Art, Studio Art

The focuses on communicating ideas in visual form within the liberal arts environment. Through close relationships with faculty who are both dedicated teachers and active artists, you'll gain exposure to a variety of artistic philosophies and professional practices in art. As an art major or minor, you'll experiment with or concentrate in ceramics, computer art, graphic design, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking or sculpture.

Art History

The major in provides you with an understanding of the visual arts in relation to society, culture and history. Particular strengths of the department include medieval art, Renaissance and Baroque art, 20th-century art, American art, Asian art, African art and architectural history. Courses are also offered in Islamic art and museum studies. Students may also apply to the .

Architectural Studies

We call our program , rather than architecture, to make it clear that our goals and aspirations are distinct from those of a professional program. If you choose this major, you are choosing to expand your outlook, embrace a broad understanding of architecture, and experience the insights that emerge from considering architecture and the cultural landscape from a range of disciplinary perspectives.