Our philosophy

We believe strongly in the reciprocal relationship between learning, wellbeing, and health. We are committed to the education of the entire person — mind, body and spirit. We encourage and support both individual and communal environmental approaches to health and wellbeing to ensure the success and development of our students.

Wellbeing at Connecticut College is

  • cultivating a sense of belonging and a commitment to others,
  • developing intentionality in decision making, and
  • building on personal strengths to create a healthy, balanced life.

Office of Wellbeing and Health Promotion

The Office of Wellbeing and Health Promotion serves as a resource for students and the entire campus community by providing quality outreach education on all aspects of wellbeing and health. The Office plays an integral part in carrying out the core values of Connecticut College.

Our goal is to work with students to support their goals, strengths strengths and succeed both in and outside of the classroom. We are eager to collaborate with our campus and community partners.

Alcohol and other drug education

In addition to regular educational programming, we offer risk reduction and substance abuse prevention programs and one-on-one meetings. We’ve recently received a grant from the Connecticut Healthy Campus Initiative, allowing us to work on the Opioid Prevention Project, an initiative to educate students about opioid use and abuse within the campus and greater community.

Wellbeing in the classroom

The director of wellbeing/health promotion partners with faculty from various departments to work in the classroom on projects and workshops. Faculty members who are interested in integrating wellbeing and health into their curriculum should contact CC at ccurtiss@conncoll.edu

External Committees and Partnerships

  • Connecticut Healthy Campus Intitiative (State alcohol higher ed coalition)
  • New England Health Education Network
  • National and regional presenter on alcohol/ other drugs, peer education and violence prevention through bystander education