Our philosophy

We believe strongly in the recipricol relationship between learning and health and are committed to the education of the entire person mind, body and spirit. We encourage and support both individual and environmental approaches to health to ensure the success and development of our students.

Student Wellness and Alcohol/Drug Education

The Office of Student Wellness and Alcohol/Drug Education (SW/AOD) serves as a health and wellness resource for students and the entire campus community by providing quality outreach education on all aspects of wellness. The SW/AOD office plays an integral part in carrying out the core values of Connecticut College, specifically the education of the entire person.

Our goal is to promote healthy choices emphasizing the elimination high-risk behavior, illegal alcohol and drug use, harmful substance abuse and related issues. We partner with the College community to define policies and practices for prevention, education, training, intervention, evaluation, referral and treatment, and to protect the legal rights of students.

Alcohol and drug education

In addition to regular educational programming, we offer risk reduction and substance abuse prevention programs and one-on-one meetings.

Wellness in the classroom

The director of SW/AOD partners with faculty from various departments to work in the classroom on wellness topics. Faculty members who are interested in integrating health and wellness into their curriculum should contact ccurtiss@conncoll.edu.

Campus Wellness Committee

The Campus Wellness Committee is a group of faculty, staff and students who examine campus health and wellness issues and make recommendations to enhance the campus community’s quality of life. The committee is chaired by CC Curtiss, the director of Student Wellness and Alcohol/ Drug Education.

The Alcohol & Drug Review Board

The Alcohol & Drug Review Board is part of the Campus Wellness Committee and is co-chaired by the dean of students and the director of Student Wellness and Alcohol/ Drug Education. Please contact ccurtiss@conncoll.edu to get involved.

External Committees and Partnerships

  • Connecticut Healthy Campus Intitiative (State alcohol higher ed coalition)
  • New England Health Education Network
  • NASPA Professional Member
  • National and regional presenter on alcohol/ other drugs, peer education and violence prevention through bystander education