The Muslim community at Connecticut College provides opportunities for worship, learning, and communal solidarity. The College Chaplain provides Jumu'ah prayer services in the Harkness Chapel Library alongside options for Jumu’ah prayers at the local mosque. The College Chaplain also provides gatherings for spiritual reflection and learning that centers both college life and social responsibility for the greater world. Social, cultural, and intellectual events such as movie nights, dinners, Six Flags excursions, speaker events, and more are offered by the Muslim Student Association.

Halal Dining

Harris Dining Hall provides halal grilled chicken and halal beef burgers.

Places for Worship

The Prayer Room in Harkness Chapel Basement offers Muslims a place to offer daily prayers and gather for spiritual reflection. This space is also open to all faiths and non-faiths. The space includes a number of Qur’ans, Islamic books, prayer mats, prayers shawls and coverings, and artwork. The Harkness Chapel Library is reserved for Jumu’ah Prayers on Fridays from 12:30pm-1:00pm and is led by the College Chaplain.


The Muslim Student Association hosts a number of Ramadan Iftars. Take-out options for Sahoor and Iftar are offered in collaboration with Dining Services. Transportation to Tarawih prayers at the local mosque are organized weekly and on-campus prayers are negotiated based on need.

Learn More

To learn more about the Muslim Student Association and find information on social, cultural, and intellectual events offered throughout the year, visit their Facebook page.

Local Places of Worship

The Islamic Center of New London
16 Fort St, Groton, CT
(860) 405-8006

The Islamic Center of New London